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The philosophy

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The art of the simple is a small agricultural and convivial reality inserted in the ancient village of the Cross, 3 km from Montalcino. The name totally expresses who we are and what we would like to convey to all of you who come to visit us.
ART because it has always been a dominant element in our lives, understood as a cult of beauty and everything that is in harmony and that gives harmony to those who see and live it, understood as a genuine flavor of past times, in which conviviality and the hospitality made travelers feel at home.
SIMPLE because we are like this, because everything here refers to ancient recipes, such as our roots and our origins, healthy and true.

SIMPLE because we would like you to savor the scents and colors that our land gives us if we know how to respect and observe it, simply enhancing it without having to try to change it. In our own small way we want to contribute to preserving the environment by reducing harmful emissions and impact on the environment of our structure to the limit, which is why we have decided to power it entirely with energy produced from renewable sources purchased from totally green energy suppliers.

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